Friday, March 20, 2015

Photo Number 1855

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Emma Backus Craigs

Erler was the Photographer at the Sunbeam Gallery 1216 S. Adams Street Peoria, ILL. I found out that he was at the Sunbeam Gallery from 1883 to 1898.

Emma Backus Craigs back


Emma Backus Craigs back

Emma Backus

I will guess that Emma is 20  years old give or take a few years and that this photo was taken about 1890.

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  1. This is a tough one. There is a directory entry in the 1921 Peoria city directory that shows an Emma Backus working as an employee of Bourke's Laundry, 5711 S Adams Street. An Irvin Backus lived at the same address working as a "wrapper" for the same laundry. I can find no other information about these two, nor am I "certain" that this is the "right" Emma (although their street address is really close to the photo studio).

  2. I think I found her.

    Anna E[mma] MacLean Backus (Dec. 2, 1886 in Peoria, Illinois - Nov. 21, 1975 in Madison, WI) the wife of Irvin.

    She is Find A Grave Memorial# 86365486.

    1. I am not certain that this is her. From the dates of the photographer and the age of the gal in the photo. I think we are looking for someone born about 1870 or before.


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