Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Photo Number 1841

These are snapshots from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Feb 1937 Roads  two DL ant

Feb 1937 Roads DL ant

The photos are marked on the back Feb 1937.

My Dad says the automobile is a Model A but he couldn’t tell the make or year.

Years ago many country roads were only plowed once a year in the spring before the spring thaw.   My Dad remembers those days.  His brothers often accompanied the breaking snow plow and would help shovel when the snow was too deep or too hard for the snowplow to break the drifts.


  1. That is a cringe worthy amount of snow! The Model A was produced fron 1927 to 1932. So it was fairly old by the time of the photo.

  2. I bet he is either pointing to, or looking for "the snow stick" :)

  3. Hard to see how people cope with that much snow.

  4. That man was certainly out to make a statement!


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