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Photo Number 1716

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Craig Cabinet Card Mrs Elam Bechtel

J.D. Strunk was the photographer at 730 Penn St. Reading, PA.

The photo was most likely taken in the 1890’s.  Cabinet Cards with scalloped edges were popular then.

Craig Cabinet Card Mrs Elam Bechtel 

Mrs. Elam Bechtel

Here is the back of the Cabinet Card.

Craig Cabinet Card Mrs Elam Bechtel back

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  1. She looks either very sad or somewhat ill. has Rebecca B. Clemmer Bechtel's ( b: 7 Nov 1846 - ?) family tree such as it is. Her husband Elam (22 Aug 1845 - 12 Aug 1886) died living her with 4 young daughters. I cannot determine who they married (if they did) or if Rebecca remarried.

    Elam's grandfather Christopher Schultz (12 Oct 1777 - 22 Mar 1843) was a locally famous Mennonite preacher and farmer. Find A Grave Memorial# 69250554 He was a "Schenkenfelder" an early group to immigrate to my part of the country.

  2. I think she was about 20 when the photo was taken. I found a Lemmie/Lennie Hoffman that married a Elam S. Bechtel in Berks County PA in 1905. Elam S was born about 1880. They has some children, Wayne Elma and Elsie.
    Elam S. parents were George and Catherine.

    1. Find A Grave Memorial# 37227490 is Elam S. Bechtel (son of George and Catherine)

      Find A Grave Memorial# 37227518 is Lemmie.

      I've walked this cemetery - and taken some of the photos there for Find-a-grave.

    2. Lemmie had a son named Wayne -,254960 is an obit for his wife.

    3. Birth: Jan. 19, 1882
      Death: May 7, 1929
      Lemmie H. Bechtel

    4. I think that this photo is Lemmie...but I am just not certain.

    5. I wouldn't doubt your photo-dating for a moment - I'm pretty sure this is Lemmie.

  3. The Cabinet Card Gallery at wordpress has a collection of old photographs by John D. Strunk, Reading, PA. There, it is stated that he was working from 1888 until 1910. A comment on one of the photos has a link to his memorial at 'Find A Grave'.


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