Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Full Circle 91

This is another Full Circle that was found through a search.
PS Waslien Family DL Ant Number 1567

A comment was left on the blog.  I have to approve all comments older than three days, it was the only way I could think of to “catch” comments after a few days. 
I was able to email Lisa.
Hi Connie:
Happy Friday ;)
Thank you so much for posting this photo you are absolutely wonderful person to take the time to do that.
Posting lost family photos to your blog in hopes that family photos can be reunited with those looking....
I myself will  go thru photos myself at antique shops just to look and makes me sad how they end up there.
How this photo ended up in an antique shop in Detroit Lakes is a mystery that may never be solved ... but so VERY thankful it ended up with you....
Thank You!
The family in the photo are my cousins. The Peder Soren Waslien family is from Hillsboro ND.   They immigrated from Norway in 1857 to Allamakee County Iowa, from there to Trail County ND.
Peder along with his brother Andreas Waslien (who is my ggg uncle) were the founders of the Norway Lutheran Church in Norway Township in Hillsboro.   The church was established in 1892 and closed in 2012 (there was a huge article in the Fargo Forum in June 2012 about the closing)
The littlest girl in the photo Mina, her daughter Orilla, is celebrating her 90th birthday on September 24, 2014.   
I just got the invite on Wednesday in the mail about 30 minutes before I saw the photo on your blog....(I had went thru all your photos and just started on your May 2014 photos when the mail came with the invite)
(Coincidence. ...hmmmm)
On a side note: Mina Waslien married Henry Nysveen. whose father Johan perished aboard the Titanic when that sank in 1912.
So now you know the story.....
Minnie Haarstad DL Ant Number 1576
There was another photo: Haarstad..(little girl with the chubby feet)
...there will be Haarstads at the gathering...for Orilla..her father was also a founder of the Church....they lived down the road from both Andreas and Peder Waslien and Nysveen families, and some still reside in the area.
(..if you want to send that photo also go ahead: I will make sure that gets with her family)
Again...Connie keep posting those photos and again HUGE HUGE Thank You ;)
(Coincidence?     Hmmmmm )
I mailed the photos.
I heard back via the blog.
I received the photo yesterday! Thank you so much - my email is down - so thought I would let you know via your blog. SO HAPPY!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Mina, who is the smallest in the photo, her daughter is celebrating her 90th birthday tomorrow (09 24 2014) . She is going to be very happy!
(also - thank you for sending Minnie Haarstadd photo also)

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yeeeeeeeehaw!!!

    Interesting, being related to a man on the Titanic... what are the odds of that?

  2. Fantastic - I don't believe in coincidence. I am thrilled these two photos are back in the family's possession. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hope Lisa forwards a photo of Orilla with the returned photo.

    1. There are two different pages dedicated to Johannes Hanson Nysveen on Facebook

  4. I'm catching up on my reading, now that I'm back home after three weeks away. I just love these Full Circle stories, so this is my first stop!

    Interesting to read of the Titanic connection. I was just over at the Titanic memorial museum in Queenstown (now Cobh). Sobering display!

  5. There are two pages on Facebook dedicated to the life of Johannes Hanson Nysveen, the father-in-law of Mina Waslien Nysveen, Who died on the titanic.


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