Sunday, November 4, 2012

Photo Number 1040

This is a Real Photo Postcard.  

Postcard WWI

A WWI era soldier 1914 to 1918. 

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I scanned this photo at a higher resolution




Looks like crossed swords on his collar.


  1. What a shame there are no identifying marks on his uniform.

  2. What a handsome fellow and great photo.

  3. What is the quality of the photo? Is there any possibility of getting a hi res scan of the ring and of the button on his collar? Often collar buttons were unit specific so cross referencing the unit with the ring (if it's a class ring) could set us on the path to an identity if we are lucky.

  4. Thanks for posting the scans.

    The reflection off the ring doesn't help much at all, though it makes me wonder if the photographer didn't print the negative backwards onto the paper. Wedding rings for men were rare before WWII.

    The scan of the collar button is more useful. There don't appear to be any company letters, or any other printing. My guesses would be, from most to least likely, Cavalry, then some kind of Artillery, and finally, Infantry if the button has rolled upside down.

    Oh well, worth a try.


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