Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photo Number 1054

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Erhard Minnesota.
Ernest Amundson Memory Lane Antiques Erhard
He has a name!
Ernest Amundson Memory Lane Antiques Erhard back
Ernest I Amundson  Son of Emil Amundson  The photo was taken in Grenada Miss.
I think I may have found him.
His parents were:
Emil Sevrin Amundson (1886 - 1962)
Inga 'Marie' Ronningen Amundson (1890 - 1983)
His siblings:
Ole Edward Amundson (1913 - 1948)*Ernest I Amundson (1915 - 1980)*Arthur M Amundson (1917 - 1999)*Evan Augustin Amundson (1929 - 1990)*Joel Victor Amundson (1932 - 2005)*
And a sister: Charlotte (Ray) Miller
All of his brothers except Ole were in the service. Here is the Find A Grave link to Ernests grave in the Hamar  Cemetery  in rural Rothsay Minnesota..Otter Tail County.

Remember The Woods Farm with the round barn.. Photo Number 962.. this is the same Amundson Family.  I will send Marilyn an email.  She was part of Full Circle 58.

Update from Connie Amundson Peterson:

Ernest Amundson was my Uncle and was a highly decorated World War II Veteran. He served under General Patton during the war and was awarded a Bronze Medal. He was my Dad's older brother. My Dad was also in World War II and worked on the ALCAN Highway in Alaska/Canada. My nephew was given my Uncle Ernest's War Memorabilia so I will make sure that he gets a copy of this photo.


  1. Love the details.
    Just finished "The Shoemaker's Wife" with a portion set in Minnesota.

  2. I was so excited when I scrolled down and saw the photo had a name on the back. Then I realized...Amundson...wasn't that a familiar sounding name? Yeah, I know it's pretty common in your neck o' the woods, but I thought I remembered you posting some other pics with that name. Glad it folds in nicely with another Full Circle.


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