Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photo Number 1051

This is a snapshot from the first antique shop in Dorset Minnesota.

May 04 1944 Soldier Dorset1

I think this soldier may be home on leave.  He also is most likely standing outside his parents house.  I see one Blue Star in the window.  He looks like he is in the Army.

The Blue Star Mothers was formed in 1942.  It was a group of mothers who supported each other and their service member children.  They put a small flag in the window..a blue star for each of their children serving in the armed forces.  A Gold Star was displayed for a son or daughter killed during the war.

This photo was dated May 4 1944.  The war would rage for another sixteen months.

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  1. I always marvel at how similar these photos are. My dad's pics outside his parents home look much the same.
    Interesting about the blue star. Our neighbor has a flag which represents a family member currently serving.

  2. They all had to take them outside into the light so they didn't need to use a flash. The outdoor soldier shots do all look a like from the 40's.


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