Monday, November 12, 2012

Photo Number 1048

This is a snapshot of a service family.

Service Man with wife and two children

Looks like they might have lived or were visiting 2209 Someplace Somewhere with their new baby and toddler.

As a former service wife..I can tell you that having your husband in the service is not easy.  It is hard for children too to have their Daddy away for holidays, birthdays and special days at school.  Sure the men and women in the service sacrifice a lot..but so do their families at home. ( Stepping off my soapbox now.)

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  1. What a precious photo and you are so right about the sacrifices the entire family makes.

  2. Oh, my...the baby carriage! Hopefully, this photo was in celebration of Dad coming home for good. You are right: the family sacrifices much, too.


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