Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Full Circle 65

This photo was returned to family in Norway some time ago.  I was looking back through my notes.  Liv in Norway was happy to receive it!  Gunnar Aarstad went home!
Gunnar Aarstad Cd V DL Antiques
Gunnar Aarstad CdV DL Antiques back
Update From Liv:Ole Olsen and Karine Nilsdatter Olsen have a son born 1859. His name is Nils Olsen.  He married Anette, they had three children Ole Carl Olsen/Aarstad, Gunnar Riis Olsen/ Aarstad b.1896( the boy in the picture) and Aggi Nanna Olsen Aarstad b 1901. That means Karine Nilsdatter is the Grandmother of this boy and my grandfather was his cousin. I have met his sister Aggi in Oslo many years ago.

April 24 2012, I mailed the photo to Liv in Norway

Liv wrote:
Hello Connie ! Thanks a lot for mailing me the photo of Gunnar. He arrived safely, and he's so cute. I have tried to find him, but no success so far.

The minute I have some information on Gunnar, I will let you know.

Best regards, Liv.

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  1. What a great picture, as they all are! It's always fun to hear when you are able to find history and especially, the families. I wonder if the family in Norway can see physical resemblances?

    That suit makes it hard to see the actual proportions of his body.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. :) You must have some space now for some more photos!

  3. Wonder how far your farthest Full Circle has traveled...I'd say a trip to Norway for this photo might be the prize winner for "farthest traveled."

    Have a great Thanksgiving Day! :)


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