Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Number 767

This is a photo from the antique shop in Solway Minnesota.

Howard Ellsworth  July 11 1900 Solway

Howard Ellsworth back Solway

Grandpa 50 years

Howard Ellsworth 6 months

July 11, 1900

I wonder who the woman was..Grandpas second wife?  Since she was not named..perhaps.

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  1. Something tells me that we are given Howard's first and middle names - and not his last name.


  2. Cute little guy, whoever he was...

  3. Those names that can be both a surname and a given name are troublesome, aren't they?
    Maybe Grandma is the one who inscribed this picture and didn't identify herself. (I know who I am!)

  4. What a cute baby! He's just precious and there's a hint of a smile from all of unusual. Why didn't they smile in pictures back then?

    1. Sam I Am, They didn't smile because most times they had to hold a pose for up to a minute without moving for the camera to do the exposure. They also did not have access to Dentists:)

  5. I believe I've solved the mystery. I found a WWI draft record for Howard Ellsworth Stimson, of Princeton, Bureau Co, Illinois, born January 11, 1900 (making him 6 months on July 11, 1900 as the picture states). That record led me to the 1900 census, where he is living in Princeton IL with his parents, Clayton & Edna Stimson, in the household of his grandparents Arthur (born July of 1850, just as the picture states) and Ella (age 46) Stimson. According to one world tree, grandfather Arthur was born July 11, 1850, which would indicate this photo was taken on Arthur;s 50th and Howard's 6-month birthday.

    In 1910, Howard is living with his parents in Kewanee IL,then in 1920 he is living back in Princeton IL, with his grandmother, as well as his divorced father. In 1930, he is found living in Princeton IL married to Zeta, with two daughters, Dorothy (7) and Margret (6).

    I will send a message to a couple people that have family trees in which Arthur and Howard are members. I hope we see a response! ~Abra


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