Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Full Circle 44

These double Full Circles just seem to come in  bunches. This one has lots of connections.

Abra had been doing some research about RS Bishop.  She found out his name was Reynolds Strehlow Bishop.

RS Bishop DL Antiques

Photo Number 766

His daughter Phila Emma Bishop had been featured previously.

Phila Emma Bishop 1928 DL

Photo Number 660

Abra found relatives on Ancestry and she emailed me that one of the tree owners Mae ( last name) wanted the photos. 

Well low and behold!  Don’t that beat all.  There is only one Mae and Stephen and they lived next door to us when we lived in North Dakota.   I gave Mae a call and we had a good laugh..and had fun catching up with each other. I explained that I had several other photos that have not been published on the blog..but were interesting enough for me to purchase because of the names on the back.

Here are those photos:

Enderlin 1939 Dad and Philaunknown I think it is RS Bishop and Pghila

            Enderlin 1939 Dad and Phila                            unknown..but I thought it looked like Phila and RS Bishop

Possibly Gordon Bishop

Unknown but possibly Gordon Bishop

At Gordon Bishops

This photo is marked on the back At Gordon Bishops

Then we have the Strehlow Connection ( RS Bishop is Reynolds Strelow Bishop).

Rev Arthur and Mrs Eugenia Strelow Meilicke

This is Eugenia Strelow Meilicke ( Photo Number 134)   who is more than likely related.  Her photo was returned to relatives on the Meilicke side of the family.  I made Mae and Stephen a CD copy of the scans.

Wm Strelow DL Antiques

This is Wm. Strelow Photo Number 659   When I located his relatives they did not want his photo.  He is Mrs. R J (Emma) Bishop’s Father, and that is the connection to the Bishops..of course he was also Eugenia Meilicke’s Father too.

Mae wrote:

I received the photos Thank you!  I will talk to some of the relatives in Casselton to see if they know of the Strelow family.  Thank you for the CD also, I have been digging in and adding to my family notes since!  I hope you both stay well.  Mae

During one of our phone calls she said the the Bishops were Great Uncles of Stephens and he loved the ties they wore.  In fact every St Patricks’ Day he wears one of his Uncles ties.

It was a good full circle..I enjoyed it as it unfolded.  Many thanks to Abra!

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. Great work and fun to read about.

  2. Oh my goodness! :) It's really cool that you knew these people! I mean, one would have expected it to happen eventually - but...

    The Strelows seem to have had their pictures taken a lot and then tragicly "dumped" the photos.

    Do you know what/where "Enderlin" is?

  3. Ah, I found it. Enderlin is a town about 50 miles southwest of Fargo.

  4. Wow! I can't imagine not wanting a photo.

  5. Another great and meaningful reunion! It was so cool to find out that Mae and Stephen were your next door neighbors when you lived in ND. What a prize for Mae and Stephen's family tree!! Loved being part of this! ~Abra

  6. You are really hitting the mother lode with all these full circles!!! I just loved that unexpected twist. Small world. Who would have thought?!?! Nice to catch up with old friends at the same time, too.

  7. I had an Aunt from Fargo but I can't remember her maiden name for the life of me now. I'll have to ask my cousin but none of those names rang a bell. Wow...didn't get on here for a few days and look what you all have been up too! Amazing! It really IS a small world! Great work all of you!

  8. an amazing twist! Congrats on a multi full circle!

  9. Reynold's mother was Emma Hedwig Strehlow, daughter of William Strehlow, and sister of Euginia Strehlow Meilicke!

    1. Hi JoAnne..Thanks for the comment! Yes I figured as much..it is nice to hear it from another source:)


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