Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo Number 778

This is a photo from the third Antique Shop in Dorset Minnesota.
Mother and Baby Dorset 3
This photo of Mother and Child was also taken in Watkins Minnesota by R. H. Stewart in 1902.  I wonder if the woman from yesterday knew this woman that is featured today?   This one is not marked.

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This is more than likely a photo of Agnes Brown with one of her children.  
This photo went Full Circle 47 on February 13, 2012.


  1. What exquisite clothes the baby is wearing and what a LOT of hair the mother has!

  2. I go one step further and wonder if this is Sarah? :)

  3. That was my thought, as well. I have been trying to compare features. With the subject at different angles, it can sometimes be tricky. If it is her, I would venture this might be with one of the children born before Stephen. She looks a bit heavier than yesterday's Sarah, but the baby also looks younger, so could be holding onto some pregnancy weight. Just a guess. ~Abra

  4. Since this ended up in Dorset, and Stephen apparently married someone from Dorset, I wonder if this is an earlier picture of Stephen and his mother, as yesterday's he was sixteen months. This could be a 3-6 month shot. If it's not Sarah and Stephen, I have no doubt the subjects were related or knew each other. They both have a massive amount of hair and the same deep set eyes and the same ears. ~Abra

  5. Talk about piercing eyes...the baby looks like he's going to say something.

  6. If they're the same people it must be a different photographer or a bad day because that Mother, and the child too, look either scared or angry. Babies pick up on their Mother's moods and from what I see, neither look happy at all.

  7. Now that I look more could be. I can see why you think so. Both women have a widow's peak too although hard to see in the 2nd picture as there's a wisp of hair pulled to the side. And the "piercing" eyes in the 2nd picture might be just Stephen's inquisitive eyes that we see in yesterday's picture. She's probably heavier, like you mentioned and also tired from getting up with the baby in the night at that time. Oh, I love a good mystery! Now if we could only find out for sure!

  8. It is possible that it is the same gal..same photographer and purchased at the same antique shop..but since it is not marked we may never know. :(

  9. Did you get my message with contact info for Stephen's son? If we get an answer on that one, perhaps we will know on this one as well. ~Abra

    1. yes Abra, I heard from them tonight ( Saturday) they are not sure if this is Agnes or not..they are comparing some old photos:)

  10. I mailed this photo on Feb 06 012 to Ron ..I think it may be Agnes. Ron is her grandson:)


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