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Photo Number 758

This is a CdV from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Emily Lundun or Mrs skoog CDV DL Antiques 1877 to 1879
This is Emily Lundun (or Lundeen)  or Mrs. Skoog.
Emily Lundun or Mrs SkoogCdV Back Dl Antiques
Jacoby was in business in St. Peter, Minn from 1877 to 1879.

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Update: Info found by anonymous:

Emily Lundeen was born March 11 1862 in Minnesota. 
She married Andrew Skoog May 29 1893 in Minnesota.
Emily was a Country School Teacher.  She had two children John Lundeen Skoog born in 1898 and Esther Hildegarde who married Earl S. Erenbrak.
Emily died  September 18, 1951

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  1. I think Mrs. Skoog (born Lundeen in 1862, died 1951) might be this woman.

    Some of her correspondence exists.

  2. More information about her son (and other family).

  3. The top of page 6 has an article on the hardware store mentioned in the last link supplied by Anonymous.

  4. She was so pretty...I love to hear about people's lives..regular people from the "old days"...I have no interest in these reality shows on t.v. they're not interesting to me at all. But show me someone like Emily and I am fascinated!

  5. Emily is a beautiful woman, and her skin is so smooth and unblemished. I am positive her photos were not retouched or enhanced in any way by the photographer.

  6. It's so nice to see her photograph and read about her life like this. She is a Scandinavian beauty!

  7. I believe Anonymous has the right person. I found a couple family trees with photos(different era but I believe the same woman), so I sent a message to the owner of one. Hopefully she/he will come by to check it out. ~Abra

  8. This photo is being mailed to Shelley in Missouri on Monday morning:)

  9. Emily was my great-grandmother--I can see family resemblances passed on through her. Thanks for connecting me with this site, and her photo.



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