Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photo Number 761

This is a photo from Buggy Wheel Antiques.

Three generations for sure!

Three generations maybe 4  Buggy Wheel antiques

Now we will try this

Three generations maybe 4  Buggy Wheel antiques


Aunt Emilie Granddaughter

Aunt Emilie Daughter

Aunt Emilie

The photographer is from Norwood Minnesota..but his name is unreadable.  Norwood is in Carver County.

There is some writing in pencil on the back of this photo it is impossible to read.

I will guess that this photo was taken right around 1900-1902.

(High collars and pigeon breasted look.)

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  1. Norwood is in my neighborhood. It would be fun to figure this one out. I will try searching for Alma and Emilie and see what I find--it's a loooong shot! ~Abra

  2. I know this was a treasured photograph. Good luck.

  3. So who is off to the side of the photographer getting the sitters attention? I get the feeling the person is making a fool of themselves due to the expressions shown here. Even the babe is dumbfounded.

  4. I'm guessing Alma and Emilie were sisters...

  5. I was initially thinking Alma and Emilie must be sisters, but I thought it odd that Alma would be in what seems to be a 3 generation photo, so then I started to wonder if maybe Alma was the paternal grandmother to the baby. For now, we don't know, but I will think about some search angles to try to figure this out. It might not be possible, but really, Norwood is a fairly small town,(now joined with Young America--another small town,which is on the other side of the 2 lane highway), so there aren't a numerous amount of Almas & Emilies there, but if I go through the whole county, that might be more difficult. ~Abra


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