Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photo Number 756

This is another photo from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Jo Buttons  DL Antiques

Jo Buttons Back DL Antiques

Jo Button  lower and the photographer is Phillips Photography Lake City Minnesota.  Lake City had many photographers named Phillips.

John Phillips was there from 1878 to 1879, C.A. Phillips was there in the 1890’s and F. H. Phillips was there in 1902.  Many sons following in their fathers footsteps with photography.

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  1. So this is the cute button that everyone as that is "as cute as a button" is compared to?


    Jo... Joann(a)? Josephine?

    I wonder who is "upper". They look like sisters to me.

  2. Does anyone have an estimate of the time-frame of this photo? I found a couple names that might fit, but thinking the age is wrong. Sometimes a name isn't a sure-thing to find the right person, but I will try to work on this when I get home tonight. I was also thinking that if the name was put there later, by someone in Jo's family, it could be a married name--just a thought. ~Abra

  3. Abra..If I had to guess I would pick 1902 for this photo:)


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