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Photo Number 759

This is a photo from Buggy Wheel Antiques.
Hulda Brennin and sister Buggy Wheel Antiques
The photographer was M L Moldrem of Elbow Lake Minnesota.  He was in business 1914 to 1918, 1922 and 1926.  I think this is most likely from the 1914 to 1918 time frame.
Hulda Brennin Buggy Wheel Antiques back
The girl with me is my sister Anna.
Hulda Lindstrom Brennin and Sister

Beautiful young ladies with high lace collars and brooches.

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Update from Anonymous:
Hulda Augusta was born May 11, 1880.  She married John Brennin.  She had two children Jack and Kenneth.  She died October 02, 1969 in Hoffman Minnesota. 

Anna Amanda was born May 14 1879.
She married Ellis Bowyer. 
Anna died in 1954. 

Both girls ( they were born just one year apart) are daughters of Nels Lundstrom and Bengta Olsdotter. 

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  1. They had another sister.

  2. My grandma had a sister named Hulda.
    It is a name you don't hear anymore!

  3. What lovely ladies. I wonder if they used rags to roll those tight curls??

  4. I sent a message to someone who had Hulda in a private family tree. Hulda had two sons. Jack died at age 58 and was single. Kenneth died in 1999 and I couldn't find any additional family info on him. I didn't look into Anna's family as I am short on time today. ~Abra

  5. Thank you for the e-mail. Hulda Augusta Lindstron Brennin is my great-aunt. Her husband, John Haley Brennin, is the brother of Grace Mahala Brennin Luckman, my grandmother. Appreciate receiving the photograph to add to my genealogy.

  6. Anonymous..Please contact me through the email in the left hand column..clip on my profile and you can send me your address in an email. I am happy to send you the photo:) Connie

  7. So grateful you contacted my cousin, Hulda Brennin's great niece! She just forwarded the photo and your web site to me. Coincidentally, I visited the cemetery where John & Hulda Brennin are buried in MN this summer. It's great to know there are people out there caring for these old forgotten photos!

  8. Fascinating information and I love the hairstyles in the pic.

  9. This photo will be mailed to Margaret a relative in California. I will mail the photo on Monday Jan 9:)

  10. the one on the right must have been the inspiration for Princess Leah.. Star Wars. Don't ya think?


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