Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photo Number 1444

This is a old Polaroid  from the antique shop in  Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Car in snow DL ant

I hope your streets have less snow than this for safe travel if you are going out this New Years Eve.

I am staying home and will toast the New Year with some hot chocolate!

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come againSmile


  1. I can't tell if there is a scratch or a downed wire on the "stuck car". The car behind it has it's hood up (ut oh!) While the car with the hood up is older, I think the other cars are from the mid-1960s.

  2. Love the old card in your header.

  3. Just another reminder of why I can do without snow :D

    Happy New Year! And yes, let's make it a safe one!

  4. Are the footsteps running to the car or away from it? Or maybe the driver suddenly just decided to leave on foot for Florida.


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