Friday, December 6, 2013

Full Circle 78

This photo goes Full Circle today.

Postcard Leland Halstenson DL Antiques Number 1353

Photo Number 1353

Lois left me a comment that this was her Uncle and I mailed the postcard to her.

Dear Connie,

Sorry this is so late, but I want to thank you for sending me the photo of my uncle, Leland Halstenson, as a small child.  He was married to my Dad’s sister, Viola Hanssen.  They had one child Loren who died in an automobile accident at about age 20.  Lee was a Navy Veteran, a good, kind, gentle man.  Lee had tuberculosis and spent a great deal of time at the San Haven Sanitarium in ND.  He would travel by train back and forth to Minneapolis for treatment.  Lee would let family know what day he would be traveling, and Loren and my sister who were playmates, would stand at the depot and wave at the train as it passed through our home town, Michigan ND.  Lee and my Dad were great fishing buddies, and with some of Dad’s brothers would make trips to Canada and Minnesota. 

Thanks so much for doing this, it’s so nice to remember Lee, Loren and Viola.  I am sending along $10 to defray your expenses and to support your project.  I also enjoy old photos, although I’m usually looking for those from Civil  War-era.

Sincerely, Lois


Leland Halstenson (3 Jul 1907 - 4 Apr 1976) He was a WWII veteran.  He married Viola Hanssen September 6, 1946.  They had a son Loren.  Viola  May 23, 1913-February 4, 2010

I am always thrilled when people that receive the photos share a little bit of the history of their relatives!

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come againSmile


  1. :-) Leland does indeed sound like "a good man" - I got a kick out of hearing how he waved to his son while riding on the train!

  2. A happy ending that this old photo is "home."

  3. I am preparing a family book for the Oscar Halstenson family. This is one of the photos that will be in the book. Thank you.

    Nita (Loughridge) Stone


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