Monday, December 30, 2013

Full Circle 79

Sometimes it pays off to Google your relatives names.  Erin did a search for her Grandfathers name Max Hird and ended up at Forgotten Old Photos.  The photos were previously declined by a family member.  Now they are happily in Erin’s hands.

1942 Max leon Hird  Group moorhead Antiques Nunber 1386

Photo Number 1386

Max herd Class Moorhead Antiques 1938 Number 1386

Max Hird Class 1939 Moorhead Antiques Number 1386 (2)

And this photo was also returned to Erin.

Orville Bartle and Belle Hird Moorhead antiquesNumber 1385

Photo Number 1385

Belle Hird was Max Hird’s Aunt.

Hi Connie!

I got the pictures in the mail today.  Thank you so much for sending them to me.

As I said in my comment, Max Hird was my grandfather. He spent the majority of his life on the same farm outside of Edgeley, first being raised by his aunt and uncle (Lester and Mary Treganza) and then taking it over and farming it himself. His favorite hobbies included photography and genealogy; He would have loved your blog! He was struck with scarlet fever as a child, which left him partially deaf. He overcame this unfortunate disability by learning to read lips and eventually getting hearing aids. I can remember watching him discreetly turning them down if Grandma was babbling about something he wasn't interested in or if she was interrupting the news. In 2004 he passed away after a 22 year battle with leukemia. That isn't a typo. :)  He was a strong man and I think about him every day.  You don't know how much it means to me to have these pictures.

Thank you again,


Erin and her husband also offered to find homes for the other Edgeley photos that I purchased at the antique shop in Moorhead Minnesota.  I am getting them ready to mail, I hope they will all become Full Circles someday.

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come againSmile


  1. Yahoooooo!!!! :) Max sounds like a most interesting man! 22 years was a long time to battle a serious disease. He had a lot of strength.

  2. I love reading about the Full Circle photographs.

  3. What a great Full Circle story with which to wrap up 2013! Yes, it pays to Google your relatives' names! So glad you and Erin connected. Her grandfather sounds like a remarkable man!


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