Saturday, December 7, 2013

Photo Number 1421

This is an old snapshot from the antique shop in Moorhead Minnesota.Couple in snow Moorhead ant

Someone stepped outside to have their photo taken.  Perhaps the fur stole was a gift?

I have to tell you a story. A number of years ago I admired an elderly woman’s fur coat after church services.  It was beautiful and I told her so.  She said “Sweetie when you have been married as many times as I have you would deserve a mink coat too.” I think of her often especially when I see a fur coat or a photograph of a fur coat.   Thanks for stopping by.  Do come againSmile


  1. Handsome couple; he is a big man. Cute story about the mink!

  2. That is such a classic photo with the way the guy is dressed and the women with here fur. They could be my Uncle and Aunt. The farm scene is so interesting. I can't figure out if that is an older home that they once live in or if it is a service shed.

  3. I dunno...they look particularly dressed up. Maybe they were going somewhere for a special occasion? With the couple standing together, and the panorama of their property behind them, this certainly is a way to sum up the blessings of a successful life.

  4. I agree with Jacqi, in fact, I don't think this is "their home," but rather they are visiting a son or daughter for the holidays. They look like "city folks" :)

  5. What time period do you think this is from? The man looks very familiar to me, like I've seen him in other pictures. If it could be late 40's/early 50's it might be Barbara Hird's parents, Elmer and Sadie (Tomlin) Ellingson. Elmer passed away in 1963 at the age of 66 and Sadie passed away in 1965 at 72 years old.

    This is a picture of Barbara in November 2002, age 68. Does anyone else see the resemblance?

  6. Hi Erin, It could be... If I had to guess I would guess 1940's for the photo or very early 1950's.


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