Thursday, December 19, 2013

Photo Number 1433

This is a Christmas Card from the antique shop in Moorhead Minnesota.
Harry and Alice Moorhead Ant
Harry + Alice    David, Ruth + Peggy 
Harry and Alice Moorhead Ant back
Dec. 12  Christmas once again!  We’ll be alone this year.  Harry’s folks were here 17 days in Nov. so they spent Thanksgiving with us.  We were all home last yr for Xmas, but I don’t kno’ of anyone who can make it this year.
What do you think of our family?  David is twelve +makes close to $60 a mo. on his paper route.  I told him I made that much teaching school. Ruth is 8 and Peggy 2.  She chatters a mile a minute + is so thrilled about xmas.
Is there a program at the church this year?  I had to make an angel costume for Ruthie.  David is Joseph.
I just wish I had time to write letters instead of notes.  Seems I never start soon enough. but I’ll write u more after Xmas.
Best Wishes for good health + a happy holiday season.  Greetings to Max and Barbara.  Alice
Thanks for stopping by.  Do come againSmile

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  1. Little Peggy is cute as can be!

  2. Barbara and Max... Hird? Hmmm... I suspect this photo "belongs" in the Edgeley, ND collection.


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