Sunday, December 8, 2013

Photo Number 1422

This is a photo packet called Packet Prints by Pako

Pako Front DL Ant

Pako one DL ANt

Pako two DL ANt


Pako three DL ANt


Pako four DL ANt


Pako five DL ANt

Pako Back DL Ant

Most likely this little boy lived in or near Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota.

Too bad there is no name and no date.  It is a unique way to send a series of photos to someone, perhaps a Grandmother or an Aunt.  This packet was purchased at the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

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  1. Such a cute little guy! He looks like he is enjoying some freshly fallen snow. I think it looks like there are som some city street scenes and even some pre-WWII cars in the one photo - say about 1935-38.

  2. It looks like Summit Drive in the cities with all the brick homes.

  3. I remember wearing one of those snow suits. Impossible to move around in!


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