Monday, December 23, 2013

Photo Number 1437

This is a photo from the Tin Ceiling in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Christmas 1955 Tin Ceiling

This must have been taken in 1954 at Christmas time and developed in January of 1955.  I will guess this is a Father and a daughter posing for a photo.  Note that the gentleman has hearing aids…and that is some fancy wallpaper in the background.  I enjoyed seeing a tree covered in tinsel.

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  1. I enjoy seeing the tree too.

  2. My older brother wore a hearing aide with the cord for a while - they have since made the aides strong enough to wear completely behind the ear - even for profoundly deaf folks. That cord was the source of no end of trouble - between getting it snagged on things and worse, horrible little children teasing and picking on him for it.

    He learned how to talk passable English with it - so for that - we are thankful to the engineers that invented and designed them.

  3. My, she almost looks like a china doll! Don't you wish they had included a name or at least a clue...wonder where she is today...


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