Friday, February 22, 2013

Photo Number 1144

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Motley Minnesota.

Blockton Iowa Death photo Motley ice Cream Shop

A man and a scroll with flowers.  It looks like a memorial photo to me.   This cabinet card is dark green on the front and grey on the back, typical of the 1880’s to 1890.

The photographer is N. E. Daggett of Blockton IA.  Blockton is in south west Iowa along the Platte River.

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  1. Interesting.
    I recently bought a book on early photographs in my quest to educate myself a little more while I'm collecting.

  2. I was interested to notice that, despite how faded and worn the photograph seemed to be, it is like I can see every strand of hair on that man's head! And yet I can hardly make out the features on his face.

  3. A little variation on the "scroll" gimmick.


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