Saturday, February 9, 2013

Photo Number 1132

This is a CdV or carte-de-visite.  I think this one is foreign.

CdV Lady going Traveling

She is a beautifully dressed lady.  Her Jacket looks to be velvet with satin cuffs, she is wearing leather gloves, holding a flower and greens.  She has a brooch and earrings and a marvelous satin hat that is tied to the side so that it wouldn’t cover up her brooch.  Her skirt looks to be made of satin also, it seems to be a skirt with pleats with a matching apron.

I thought perhaps she was going traveling someplace.

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  1. When I travel, I love loose fitting clothes!!!!!

    Her clothes are some of the most exquisite I've seen.

  2. She is really well dressed. Excellent find.


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