Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photo Number 948

This is a CdV from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Cdv peter Eliason from Norway DL Antiques

The photographer is L. Schjetne from Tromso Norway.  I will guess that this CdV dates from the late 1880’s. CdV Peter Eliason  back DL antiques

The photo is marked Peter Eliason.

CdV Peter Eliason  back DL antiques

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  1. Love the clothing details. His shoulders look so narrow!

  2. There is a Peter Eliason buried in Wolf Lake, Becker County, not far from the shop you found the photo in.

  3. Another Peter Eliason is buried in Steele County - this one has an interesting obituary. I see he is from Sweden, but his parents are from Norway.

    1. If I were a betting gal..I would bet on this one. Guessing that the photo was taken in Norway before he came to the USA at age 18..he was born in 1854 so the photo would be from 1872..that is all believable. Perhaps a relative will show up! :)

  4. I looked up both Peter Eliasons on Ancestry, the Steele Co. one is indeed the right one. (The other was born in Sweden, as were his parents). The Steele Co. guy had an obituary picture that looks similar to the picture here, so I left a note directing them to your site.


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