Saturday, July 14, 2012

Photo Number 934

These are all photos from the antique shop in Brainerd Minnesota.

Catherine Branton Brainerd Antiques

Catherine Branton Brainerd Antiques back

Catherine Branton

There were two other photos that were unmarked.

Catherine B possibly Brainerd Antiques

The last one may be her when she was younger..or perhaps it is her sister.

Possibly a younger Catherine B Brainerd Antiquies

I hope these beautiful old photographs find their way home. I suspect that they are from the 1940’s. The first two are 4 x 6 size that last one is a 5 x7.

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  1. She is so beautiful. I would love to see what she looked like as an adult. I wonder if the little doll she is holding survived (perhaps with a relative)

  2. She is gorgeous! Such curls and captivating eyes! The first two photos are from the same seating.

    Not much to go on since the photo dates from so "late"... but there is a possibility that the photo is older - shows a Catherine Branton born in Minnesota in 1922, living in Massachusetts in 1930. This Catherine's father is a 'divisional manager' (i.e., the New England manager) for "Publix Theaters," a part of Paramount Pictures in 1930.

  3. Gladyce Ione Branton nee Johnson (b. 21 Jan 1911 in Lac Qui Parle County, Minnesota d. 9 Mar 1999 in Starbuck, Pope County, Minnesota) Her mother's maiden name was Anderson. Gladyce was the wife of Dr. A. E. Branton (

    Gladyce did not marry the doctor until after the 1930 US Census (she is listed as a Johnson)- and is shown making a trip to Hawaii in 1938 (was this her honeymoon?)

    IF (big if) she and the doctor (who I can't figure out where he came from!) were married c. 1938, than its possible that Catherine Branton could be their daughter and this would agree much better with the photo dating.

  4. Ah, it is Dr. Alloys Franklin Branton not "A E" as transcribed on/from the gravestone. Gladyce apprears to have been his second wife.

    Ship records show them both going to Hawaii together several times - 1938 and 1951.

  5. Oh, these are so sweet! I did a post with an old photo I bought recently, where the man & woman are holding hands...loved it so!

  6. Forgot to did they make photos back then? I took one out of the glass and case to clean the 'glass' and as I rubbed gently...the woman's arm disappeared!

    1. Oh my..really old photos are usually sealed inside of glass and should never be taken apart. I am not sure of the process..:(

  7. What a beauty. Love those long sausage cirls.


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