Thursday, July 5, 2012

Full Circle 55

This Full Circle  has been done before..this is the third time.  Remember the mystery of Aunt Fan?

Ida was Aunt Fan’s sister.. she married John Barnes.

Ida Hannant Barnes GR            John Barnes GR


Sarah Googled her great grandparents and found their photos on this blog.  She contacted her sister Suzie the family historian.

Sarah wrote:

My grandfather is John Beamont Barnes Jr.
my great grandfather John Beamont Barnes Sr
Ida Francis Hannant my great grandmother ....
We had always heard we were related to Benjamin Franklin ...and came across your forgotten photos with google search ....
Would love to know how you found these wonderful pictures John Barnes Sr. and Ida Hannant ...
Thank you


Suzie contacted me the next day.  I made her a CD copy of the photos and she in return sent me some photos.

I know how my readers love to see later in life photos of the people I feature here on the blog.

Ida Hannant Barnes     John B Barnes SR

Ida Hannant Barnes and her husband John Barnes Sr.

John Barnes Sr. was on the Supreme Court for the State of Nebraska.

John B Barnes on the left

John Barnes Sr. is on the left.

Barnes Ponca Nebraska home

This is John and Ida’s home in Ponca Nebraska

John B and John B Barnes Sr.

John Barnes Jr. and John Barnes Sr.

John B Barnes Jr Attorney

This is another photo of John Barnes Jr.  Sarah and Suzie’s Grandfather..he was an Attorney.

Suzie wrote:

My mother's favorite of her father. My mother was Mary Karner Barnes Southworth.

Ida Hannant Barnes Quilting

Suzie wrote:

Connie this is Ida Hannant Barnes on her front porch. The picture is not good. I am sending it because she was a BEAUTIFUL quilter. My sister and I have three of her quilts. Mother always had one of her grandmother's quilts on her bed as long as I can remember. Up until the time Mother passed.


Hi Connie, Thank you for the cd. I received it this afternoon. I'll send a little donation with a big thank you.

It is wonderful what you are doing. These pictures would have been lost to my family. I think they are a treasure.

I don't have many stories, but I do remember. I had asked my mother about her life and I was having her write it down, as we drove to Mobile, Alabama, from Pensacola. She said her favorite vacation was to go see her Grandmother and Grandfather Barnes. They gave her dolls with beautiful doll clothes. I think that says something... means they were nice sweet people. You can't fool children. Thanks again.


I like to leave a bit of a trail with the photos and where they were sent.

These photos were sent to Ruth in Texas. Her Grandmother Edna Mae was Fan and Ida’s sister. Full Circle 15

A CD copy of the photos to Jaimie in Minnesota  a Great Great Granddaughter of John and Ida Barnes.  Full Circle 22

This Full Circle was mailed to Suzie in California.  I appreciate that she shared some photos with us!  Thanks Suzie! Enjoy the photos:)


Ida Hannant Barnes was Photo Number 340

John Barnes was Photo Number 341


  1. Super full circle.
    Suggestion: place the old photo next to a follow up photo so it's easier to examine.

  2. Oh what a cool collection of photo! The ones of Ida certainly give her some character and "presence" that the oldest photo did not have. That house looks really neat and so big! Judge Barnes looks like he had the usual male problem of baldness and gut.

    I am so glad to see these photos! Another full circle! Aunt Fan was really welcomed back by the family!

  3. Congratulations on this Full Circle. It is wonderful to hear from an appreciative family member and to see the follow-up photos.

  4. Wow that is really wonderful, a triple full circle! It goes to show how far the tendrils of family can stretch as the generations pass.

  5. What an incredible trail...Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and California...including memories from Alabama and Florida!

    What a fabulous story when it all came together. Congratulations on such a wonderful Full Circle story!


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