Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo Number 926

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Summer hats DL Antiques

Quite a group on a bench.  I think that is a lake in the background.  The fellow on the right looks like he is going on a safari!

Summer hats DL Antiques

The lady in the center appears to have some of those nylons that have the dark seam up the back.   I have heard of women that couldn’t afford nylons painting brown lines up the back of their legs.  I recall ladies always asking..”Are my seams straight?”

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  1. I have two "pith helments" like the guy on the right. They are the most comfortable yard hats that I have because the hat itself doesn't sit on the head and the air can circulate freely, thus, cooling the head.

  2. The hats are so funny! We had a neighbor man (Lillie's husband) who often wore a hat like this and we giggled at him.
    I cannot imagine wearing nylons and/or painting stripes up my leg!

  3. My grandpa always wore a pith helmet when he went fishing.

  4. Neat photo - hard to see what is in the background.


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