Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo Number 923

This week we will look at some summertime snapshots.

Summer group one DL Antiques

These photos are from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes.  They are not marked.

I think this one is two daughters with their parents. 1940’s.

Then we add more people into the family mix.

Summer GRoup two DL Antiques

A younger man with most likely his pregnant wife who isn’t real happy to be in the photo and an elderly gentleman ( who might be the older ladies brother..they look alike).  The younger man could be a brother of the two sisters..maybe..what do you see?

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  1. Fun to see the clothing.

  2. The younger woman had just washed her hair and was not ready for the picture.

  3. Wonder what "mamma" is holding in her left hand?

  4. What I see is a brother & sister (the look alikes in the 2nd picture) and their families. The prego and her husband belong to the brother, the others to "Mamma's" left are her family. This must have been a family gathering and I picture the older brother/sister to be catching up on chit chat. The younger generation of course are cousins who shared great memories at "Grandpa's" farm and the pregnant one feels like an outsider.


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