Monday, July 23, 2012

Photo Number 943

This week we will look at some foreign photos.

We will start with this one..anyone have any idea what country it comes from?

Cart Perham Antiques could be foreign

I purchased this photo in an antique shop in Perham Minnesota.

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  1. People on the ground are African.
    I choose South Africa as a guess.

  2. The hat on the guy leaning on the tree looks western but the rest look rather Moroccan.

  3. Hello Connie :)

    I just stumbled over your blog and was... immediately in love with your work.

    I wrote an introduction about your blog, so that the visitors of my blog get to know your work too! Although it's in german, but i can translate if you want. I hope you are ok with this. If not, you can contact me of course.

    Kind regards and please keep up your beautiful work.. People like you make the world a better place. :)


  4. The wheels on that cart are rather unusual. Unfortunately I can't figure out an origin.


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