Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Full Circle 45

Einar has gone home!

Einar  Full Cirlce 45

Photo Number 129

Researcher Abra worked tirelessly to return this photo to family.  He appeared on  March 10, 2010 almost two years ago.  With just one name Einar and the Ishpeming Michigan location.

Abra wrote:

I may have found Einar. I compared an adult photo to this one, and the smile, hair color, and eyes all appear the same. I sent a message to the tree owner and keeping my fingers crossed that Einar will be no longer forgotten. He's been one of my soft spots over the years! ;-) Abra


I sent this to another person that has Einar Werner in his private family tree. Perhaps he is a grandson of Einar. (I really hope this is the right Einar, and I believe it is). I hope someone wants him home! ~Abra

Finally Success!

A comment from Sharon:

Hello, I was contacted by Abra regarding your Photo of Einar.
His name is Einar Axel WARNER(later WERNER)he was born July of 1893 in Ishpeming, Marquette Co, Michigan.
His Parents actually met on the ship coming from Bersbo, Värna, Östergotland, Sweden in 1888. His father was Stephen "Emil" VARNER (WERNER)b.1867 in Bersbo, Värna, Östergotland, Sweden and his mother was Amanda Christina HOLMGREN b. 17 July 1867 in Bersbo, Värna, Östergotland, Sweden.
On the ships roster "Emil" was destined for Ishpeming (line92) and Amanda was bound for New York....he must have changed her mind, because they both came to Ishpeming and were married in 1889. Amanda is the sister of my 3rd great grandfather, Anders Frederick (A.F.) HOLMGREN who married Johanna HAGLOF. Anders was killed in a mine in Ishpeming in 1903. at the age of 55.

Sharon wrote:

Einar has arrived! I will scan him in and add his image to my ancestry .com tree.

Thank you again, For the great service you are doing. Sharon

She also wrote that  if a family member that is more closely related show ups..she will mail them the photo.

I have used that photo of Einar in several headers at the top of this blog. Perhaps that was always a reminder to Abra to keep looking. 

Thanks Abra..and Congratulation on finding Einar a home!

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


Sharon sent us a photo of Einar as an adult!  Thanks Sharon!

Einar Axel WernerEinar  Full Cirlce 45


  1. True magic. :)

    Abra-cadabra does it again!

    ...and what a wonderful story about how his parents met!

  2. That's why I love this blog!

    Good job, everyone.

  3. My favorite little guy has finally gone home! I have just always had a soft spot for Einar, and yes Connie, every time he showed up it reminded me he hadn't gone home yet. Funny thing was that I only found one Einar in my first search that I thought fit the profile (it wasn't Einar Werner). I knew there were a couple Einars in Ishpheming over the years, but for some reason, I missed this one (I thought I was looking for someone born around 1900, I believe). Plus, I was a mere novice, at the time. ;-) Anyway, I searched for him a few times, but what cemented this was that sometime after my first couple searches, Shron put Einar in her family tree with an adult picture of Einar. When I saw that photo, I just knew it was "our" Einar. So it wasn't magic, at was pure timing! I think I'll message Sharon to see if we can add Einar's adult picture to this post, so you can see the match that made this reunion. :-) ~Abra

    1. An adult photo would be appreciated..I know the other readers would enjoy seeing it too!:)

  4. Can any story be compared to real life?! Absolutely enjoy looking at these old pictures, and how the people in them are living in memories, someone's family tree, waiting for their picture to be claimed. Excellent! 5 stars *****

  5. Many thanks to you and your collaborators for such a great blog. No wonder I look forward to coming here every day.

  6. I am always amazed at the collaborative efforts of readers on this blog, and especially for the work Abra has managed to do. Congratulations on another heart-warming Full Circle story!

  7. Truly amazing and fantastic! congratulations to you and Abra for the great reunion; Einar has been one of my favorites over the years too.

  8. Amazing...once again! Great job Abra and Connie, can definitely see the resemblance between the photos. He was a cute child and a good looking man. I can see why you grew fond of him. He has a kind look about him....I bet he was a gentle soul. Thank you!


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