Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photo Number 785

Lets look at some hats this week!  This is a Cabinet Card from the Antique Shop in  Motley Minnesota.

Cabinet Card Lady with hat on the chair motley Antique shop

This ladies hat is on the chair..apparently she did not want to wear the hat but she wanted it in the photograph.  I am always wondering what color the dresses were…green..blue??  We also have a great view of the chair with all the trim. 

This Cabinet Card is more than likely from the late 1880’s. The Photographer is O.B. Halstead of Unionville, Missouri. When I searched for info on him..I found that he is rumored to be a relative of King William of Holland.

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  1. She may not have wanted to wear the hat for the photo - but she sure wanted it in the picture!

    She looks like she has "bed head" or "hat hair"! Their might even be a hair pin of some sort sticking up in the center.

  2. @ Iggy, she probably has a hair fork sticking up - I have a couple photos of women with them sticking up. It was used to twist and secure the hair into a chignon or twist. I do so wish she'd been turned on an angle so we could see the back of her dress. It would help in dating and also just give us a better idea of what it looked like.

  3. She is very pretty - she must have been proud of her hair and did not want to cover it with the hat. My cats would have a field day with that chair!

  4. I would have liked to see the hat on her. It's a pretty fancy hat. Put a feather on it and I love it.


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