Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photo Number 791

Happy Valentines Day! We will continue the week looking at some photographs of couples..some happy..some not so much.

This is a Cabinet Card from The Third Antique Shop in Dorset Minnesota.

Unknown couple Dorset Antiques 3

Jensen Bros were the photographers, they were in Albert Lea and Alden Minnesota from 1898 to 1900. The woman's dress seems to fit with that time frame, her dress has sleeves that are puffy at the top and tighter as the sleeve comes down the arm, the dress looks to be made of a heavy brocade fabric. The bodice has some similar fabric which is accentuated with a lighter color leaf or some such thing.  She wears a brooch at her neck.   Her hair is severe and pulled back into a bun of some sort. I think her arm is being held strangely..almost as if she had to position it just so.

The gentleman seems so imposing..yet I noticed that his tie is striped, which is mostly hidden by the facial hair.

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  1. He is a big man and makes the chair seem too small.

  2. That's a husky guy!

    I wonder what he did to build all those muscles?

  3. They look uncomfortable to me, like they don't trust the photographic process or the photographer. I like her dress though.

  4. Hello!

    My grandfather took this photo! I keep finding his work on the internet, although he has been gone since 1941.

    All best,


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