Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Number 806

This is a snapshot of a 1927 Model T.  In 1927 my Grandfather purchased a car just like this one for 300 dollars.

Model T 1927 Just like my Grandpa Sams car he bought new for 300 dollars

I am not sure where I purchased this photo at, most likely the Antique Shop in Solway Minnesota.

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  1. Grandma looks like she just had a frightful ride. :)

  2. Do you ever wonder about what they felt after riding in an auto? People didn't wear a seatbelt in a carriage or wagon and early autos didn't have seatbelts either. Were folks fearful of the auto? Did they bounce around more because they were going faster? The things I think about....

    1. whowerethey, I am transcribing my husbands Grandmothers diary from 1912 to 1913. She talks about going for a ride in a was a highlight of her day. She didn't sound scared. I remember cars without mother would stick her arm out when she stopped the car so we wouldn't fly forward into the dashboard:)

  3. I'm more interested in the old farmhouse in the background. I love old farmhouses! She does look like her hairs a bit mussed up but it could have been windy too. The blouse she has on is nice too...I think that style is back in now.


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