Monday, February 13, 2012

Full Circle 47

I think this may be the last Full Circle Monday for a little photos have been mailed out recently.

This full circle was helped along by Iggy and Abra.  If I am ever lost..these two should be able to find me! They are awesome researchers.  Many thanks!  I mailed the photos to Ron in Isle Minnesota he is the son/grandson of Stephen and Agnes.

Agnes and Stephen Brown  Dorset Antiques 3

Photo Number 777

Agnes and Stephen Brown

Mother and Baby Dorset 3

Photo Number 778

I bought this photo at the same antique shop, it is the same photographer that took the photo of Agnes Brown and her son Stephen.  The women look similar.  Similar enough for me to include this photo with the other one.

I heard back from Ron and Karen:

Hi Connie, thanks for sending us this information, as this is my grandmother, we have never seen this picture before. I'm sure this is my grandmother.

I have attached a note and another picture of some of my dads brothers and sisters

We got your letter, picture, and what a surprise. The picture #777 is Ron's grandmother Agnes holding Ron's dad, Steve, but Steve was born in 1904. We had never seen this picture before. We do know that Steve was from a very large family. Steve's mother Agnes was married to David Brown and they had eight children. After David passed away Agnes married her sisters(who had passed away) husband, and they had more kids I think, plus his from his first wife. Steve always said that he had 14 brothers and sisters. Picture #781 is Steve's sister Leatha Brown, One of 5 sisters. Picture #778 could be Agnes, we don’t know. We are comparing it to an old photo that we have here. We don’t know who she is holding but it has to be one of her first kids. We have an interesting photo that we are sending to you. But there's no date on it so we don’t know what year it was taken.

Thank you so much, you gave us lots to think about.

Here is the photo they sent.

The Browns Brothers and Sisters Photos 777 and 781


The Browns Brothers and Sisters Photos 777 and 781

Looks sure like Agnes to me.  It is a wonderful old photo and I thank Ron and Karen for sharing!

I will most likely mail the photograph of Leatha Brown to Ron also.  I wanted to wait just a bit to see if Abra or Iggy found any closer relatives to Leatha who is photo number 781.

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. I love the photo with the woman leading the horses! She was definitely what I think of when I think "pioneering hardy". And my goodness... a child for every horse.... with an extra (I count 9).

    I've no further leads. It would be nice to date the horse photo. It ought to be "do-able", behind the gentleman is a very young youngster.

  2. Using 1920's US Census, and some guess work, I think the children are:

    (From left to right) Lulu/Dorothy, Herbert/Ephraim, Leathe with either Ida/Iva, Dorothy/Lulu, Eliza, Ephraim/Herbert, Peter, and then Stephen (age about 19 in the photo).

    This makes me think - going by the youngest girl Ida/Iva, the photo was taken sometime in 1918-1924 depending on whether Iva was either too young to ride or wasn't born yet, or if it is, in fact, Iva in the photo. Best guess? 1919.

  3. I'm certainly glad that a "Full Circle" recipient provided another photo along with more background information.

  4. What a grand Full Circle story. I love the photo that was sent back to you! A slice of real life! So wonderful to connect these orphan photos with their rightful family owners!

  5. Well done to all of you - another heart-warming story :-)


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