Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photo Number 789

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Spring of 1938 Lacrosse Wis DL Antique shop

This photo is stamped on the back LaCrosse Film Service, LaCrosse Wisconsin.  Then it is marked Spring of 1938.

This gal was very fashion forward wearing pants in 1938..I suppose she was gardening. That hat would certainly keep the sun off her face.

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  1. That hat almost overpowers her! :-)

  2. I wonder if she vacationed in Mexico and came back with some momentos! Like that crazy hat!

  3. I would hate to do yardwork in that hat! She looks very long-legged with pants on!

  4. I think she and Katherine Hepburn were the only 2 women to wear pants back then. Love her hat. She was a woman that took chances and lived her own life. What a woman!

  5. This image would be great to be used by a gardening retailer.


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