Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo Number 784

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Solway Minnesota.

Father and Maggie Varney Solway

It is marked on the back.   Father Varney (or Vancy) and Maggie.

The photo was developed in Kearney Nebraska.

Father and Maggie Varney back solway

What year do you think this was taken?

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  1. I like the "wedding" banner! the heart is a nice touch!

    Funny they called the dad, "Father Varney" and the mom? "Maggie Varney." I guess the "kids" and dad had no first names. :)

    This film could have been mailed to the "print shop" from just about anywhere.

    The boy appears to have a toy in his hand (at first I thought it was an ice cream cone).

    I would guess about 1930.

  2. I wonder if Father Varney was a father-in-law. I often see in-laws referred to as Mother and Father Whoever. If that is the case, Maggie may have been his second wife and not thought of as the spouse's "mother". In our family there were many photos of "Grandma A and Earl." Earl was the second husband and always regarded as a non-relative.

    1. Hi Janice..Possibly a step mother or a spinster sister:)

  3. That "Vancy" sure looks like Nancy to me.


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