Monday, February 27, 2012

Photo Number 804

This week we will look at some old snapshots of cars.

1933 Chevrolet two Winnipeg Antiques

This may have been taken in the Canadian Rockies.  I purchased this photo in an Antique Shop in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

The car is more than likely a 1933 Chevrolet. I love the way the suitcases are strapped to the back of the car.

1933 Chevrolet two Winnipeg Antiques

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  1. I wonder how far they traveled? I often think about the difficulties for those who traveled in the first cars or even before the cars. Road trips are always an adventure I enjoy, but nothing is as pristine and untouched as it was 75 years or more ago. ~Abra

  2. I was thinking the same thing, Abra. I know it wasn't as "convenient" and comfortable as travel is now but what an adventure it must have been!


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