Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photo Number 459

I guess that I will show you a few people in their work places this week.  This photo was in my original box of finds from an Antique Shop in Park Rapids, Minnesota..the one that started this journey of “Forgottens”

Left to Right
R.C. Hammond, Safety Engineer  Employers Mutual of Wausau
M.J. Opsahl, President, Superwood Corp.
George Jondal, Plant Manager
Ronald Greaves
Joseph Klick
Harry Peterson  Safety Committee Members
Morris Lake, Plant Superintendent

I was curious..where was this photo taken?   I searched for Morris Lake and Superwood Corporation and came up with an obituary for Morris Lake. 

He was a Veteran who was wounded in WW2.  He was a family man.  He made a career out of working for Superior Wood which became Superwood Corporation and then later Georgia Pacific.  He died in 2009.  I believe he may be the gentleman in the coveralls with his hands crossed in front of himself.

I located an address for one of his children and I will mail off a copy of this blog to him, if he would like the original photo I will mail  it out.  It is not often that I search for a name and come up with as much information as I I figure it was meant to be.

Oh and the picture..comes from Duluth, Minnesota…and I will guess that the photo was taken in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. 
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  1. I can imagine the thrill of being contacted by someone with a photo of a relative from years gone by. Great work Connie.

  2. Did Mr. Lake's obituary provide a photo to help you determine that he is the man in the coveralls?

  3. yes Maybelline there was a photo, I could be wrong..but something like hair lines and shapes of faces don't change too much. :)

  4. Given the cast of characters, I would think that R.C. Hammond of the insurance company is giving the company president an award - for plant safety.

    I see that Morris was a Purple Heart recipient, serving in the Pacific in WWII and wounded in Layte, Phillipines. He worked at Superwood for 37 years and retired as the Duluth (plant) Vice President and General Manager (around 1982-ish).

  5. what would they think...if they knew that photo would pop up like this in the future


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