Thursday, February 3, 2011

Full Circle 20

The photo of Emma Norell found it’s way back to Kansas recently.

Emma Norell Dorset Antiques Photo Number 415

Iggy located a blog post that contained an obituary of a relative of Emma’s and a connection was made.

Emma’s Great-Grand Niece Darlene wrote:

Hi Connie, Thank you so much for the picture.  As to the comment Emma Norell “Mothers Sister” I would guess that Emma sent this picture to her sister Anna in Wisconsin.  Anna had fourteen children and some live in Minnesota.  Probably one of the children made this notation when identifying who Emma was.  This picture didn’t mean anything to later generations. ( The photo is marked Mothers Sister)

All the Norell family ( Peter and Christina, Erik, Magdalena, Christina, Emma and Peter) came to Kansas except Anna  who stayed in Minnesota and married Aaron Peterson in 1880 in Lake City, Minnesota and Olof John who followed the family as far as the Dakota Territory or Nebraska. A son Sven was born in the Dakota Territory and died two days later.

The family has some of this picture but gladly would take more to share with the family here.  I’m enclosing a special picture of myself and my sister with Emma “Auntie” Norell.

During World War II in 1943 families living in a 340 square mile area of Gove, Logan, Lane and Scott Counties in Kansas had to move out of this area.  The land was used as an Arial Gunnery Practice Range.  This spread the family apart.  Some moved back after the war and others stayed where they had moved to.

Keep up the good job of saving family history pictures. Thanks!  Darlene

PS Enclosed is a check for $20.00 I appreciate all your efforts.

Emma Norell and her great grand Nieces

This is Emma Norell with her Great Grand Nieces Marlene and Darlene in late 1954, Emma Norell died March, 02 1955.

Thank you Darlene for sharing this is so nice to hear about the people that are featured, and to see what they look like in later years is a real treat.

I do not charge anyone anything for individual photos, however if someone sends me some money..I turn around and buy more photos that have names on them! 

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. Awww... that's a precious shot of the little girls with their Aunt!!!

    :) I'm so glad Aunt Emma found her way home. That story about being moved out of her home so they could practice aerial gunnery is something! and it explains why she moved - I had been scratching my head over that!

    And 14 children? Anna was a dedicated mom!

  2. Love happy endings! Like you, I like to learn about the life of the subject, and later photos are also a nice addition. It is also cool to get glimpses into American history via the stories the families share. Those are the details you don't find in the generic history books. :-) ~Abra

  3. Congratulations on yet another Full Circle. One of the wonders of blogging is your site.

  4. Hello! This is Lynn Elder-Blau in Leoti, Kansas. I write a blog, . Through this picture above, I have gotten to meet Intense Guy who I appreciate so very much! Thank you for putting these pictures out there so that they can be found and "brought home" to their rightful place... with their families.

    You do great work!!!


  5. This is so amazing!! I love seeing posts like this!! I especially love the picture of Emma with her Grandchildren!! Beautiful when she was young, and still beautiful in her old age!!

  6. So glad the family sent an image of the subject in later life. Why do so many of us find these little detective stories fascinating? You're posts are really enjoyable.

  7. I definitely see Emma the younger in the face of the second photo. How nice to see her later in life. Great job Connie!


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