Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photo Number 448

This is a Real Photo Postcard that was tucked into the back of the Nettie Parks Album.
Extra Gladys and Friend This is Gladys, she is Nettie and John Wesley Parks daughter.  She was born about 1901.  This is an Azo Real Photo Postcard that we can date 1918 to 1930, this would make Gladys age 17-29.  I think she looks 17, 18 maybe 19 in this photo.  On the back of the photo is the notation Gladys and friend.
We last seen Gladys in this photo.
Extra Gladys Niel MVP Lyle Glenn
Gladys married a fellow by the name of McMullen, at least that is what her Fathers Obituary in 1957 says..she lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at that time.

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Update from Iggy:
Gladys Mcmullen was b. 23-Mar-1901 and d. Apr-1976 in Cedar Rapids, IA at the age of 75. Her husbands name may have been Charles.


  1. This album has certainly held a lot of treasure :)

  2. It is yet another of those pictures where you can stare into their faces and wonder what kind of world they see.

  3. Gladys Mcmullen was b. 23-Mar-1901 and d. Apr-1976 in Cedar Rapids, IA at the age of 75. I don't know the name of the chap she married.

  4. P.s., Gladys Mae Mcmullen is listed as Mrs. Charles Mcmullen in the Cedar Rapids phonebook.

  5. I have a few photos like that with the names written at an angle right on the photo. So you do know exactly who is who, right?

  6. I'm always entertained by the placing of people for the photos (*kids above)
    and I notice such creativity in some of the old photos in my family collection

  7. confirms her husband's name was Charles.

    I'd love to see that obituary.

  8. I mailed an inquiry off to people in Cedar Rapids who might be relatives..we will see what happens:)

  9. Gladys Marie Parks and Charles Edward McMullen had one son named Charles Emmett McMullen (born June 4, 1930). Charles Emmett married Patricia Rose Robinson (who was born on August 5, 1930). They live and play in Cedar Rapids, IA today.

  10. Hi Lovestobike, I sent a inquiry to Charles and Patricia at the Buckingham Drive address back in Feb...I have not heard from them:(


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