Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Photo Number 458

This is a photo from Al, he is one of my faithful blog readers.  Al also is a deltiologist..he collects postcards.  Of course he also runs onto photos.. he shared this one with me.
Schoellkopf & Co., July 31, 1907
Hi Connie:
It's me again. I am sending you this photo because I thought since it is accurately dated as July 31, 1907, it may help you with dating women's clothing (and men's too, I guess). I found this photo in what I will call a "used everything" store here in Ontario and purchased it because I felt sorry for it! I tried to interest a couple of archives in Buffalo but received no response. I guess it will have to stay in the bottom of my drawer a while longer. There is quite a bit on the internet about Jacob Schoellkopf but here is a statement from the following site:
Buffalo enjoys the distinction of having the largest tannery in the world in which sheep hides are turned into leather. This tannery is the firm of Schoellkopf & Company, the gigantic establishment at the corner of Perry and Mississippi Streets.
The factory was originally established by Lymburner & Torrey in 1862. In 1877 it was purchased by Mr. Jacob T.F. Schoellkopf, the prominent manufacturer and founder of the largest industrial establishment on the Niagara Frontier. The factory was reorganized under the name of Schoellkopf & Co. At that time 2000 skins were processed each day. The growth of the firm was phenomenal. By 1904 12,000 skins per day were being tanned. The factory produced all sorts of sheep leather for gloves, shoes, etc in all styles and colors.
I hope this can be of some use.
Schoellkopf & Co., July 31, 1907 This must have been the entire office.  Three women and nine men.  I wonder if they were paid the same? 
Thanks to Al for sharing his old photo!  
Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)

Al returned this photo to Kat.   This photo went Full Circle 105 on Janurary 26, 2015


  1. I do so love posts like this : chance sending me to places I would never otherwise go. Thanks to you both.

  2. I love the young man in the middle row. He looks so proud to be in the photo!

  3. I'm guessing the short fellow behind the lady in the dark skirt made more than double her wages. In fact he might even be poking her from behind as the photo is being taken. She's quietly thinking, "Little pipsqueak!"

  4. I have enjoyed the Album so much. Thanks, it was fun like reading a good book with all the comments.

  5. As someone who does not like beauty contests, I still have to say this: Those girls could have used a little makeup.
    To be fair: the guys could have fluffed up their hair.

    Okay, so it was over a hundred years ago. :)

  6. Oh...forgot to say...thanks for teaching me a new word - deltiologist. Gotta Google it. My daughters and I collect postcards, too.

  7. Anita then you are deltiologist's too! :)

  8. The Schoellkopf family was a very successful and influencial family in Buffalo. It was their family that first drew water and electrical power from the Niagra Falls.

    In 1907, Jacob Frederick Schoellkopf, III would have been just graduating from college with a PhD. - so this plant was likely operated by his father Jacob Frederick Schoellkopf, Jr., who was a very busy man indeed.


    A later Schoellkopf was the owner of the Buffalo Sabres.


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