Monday, February 7, 2011

Full Circle 21

Swimming Pool ILL
Swimming Pool ILL Two Laporte Iggy found Liz on Facebook and sent her a message..this was our first (edited to second) Facebook connection!
I heard from Liz:
I just got an email from xxxx ( Iggy)  that you found a postcard that I wrote to my parents when I was staying with my older brother in Carthage, Ill.

For some reason, my parents had me and my brother (Billy) spend the summer with my older brother and his wife. Not sure what the reason was, at the time. I just know for a 7 year old it was a long time to be separated from my parents and I can remember being terribly homesick. It was such a shock to open up the email and see the postcard I had written 48 years ago. My Mom saved EVERYTHING so not too surprising it appeared. We had an auction for my parents belongings at their home in Lake George, MN this past summer. ( The postcard was found at an Antique shop just down the road from Lake George, MN )

You are doing such a wonderful thing returning photos, cards, etc. that mean the world to someone. And it will be a treasure returned back to me and I know my children will treasure it, as well.
Especially, when they hear the entire story of how the postcard came back to me. Thank you.....can't say it enough. Liz

I had not heard if she ever got the card or I emailed her over the weekend.
Yes, I did get the card. Thank you so much. My kids got a big kick out seeing their mom's little girl handwriting and my extreme homesickness. It is on display in my office and has been a great conversation piece. Thanks for the nice surprise and returning a piece of my childhood back to me. Liz
Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. :)

    Who would have thought a postcard that was apparently never mailed would make such an impact?


  2. just gives me goose bumps to hear the news of lost now found.

  3. I can recall having to spend a couple weeks with the neighbors while my parents went somewhere, when I was about 7. I cried myself to sleep every night and we were just down the street from our house! Being apart from your family is tough on a little kid. I'm so glad this postcard found a home and hopefully the summer for Liz had more happy memories than homesick ones!

  4. hi there,

    u have an exciting blog here.just followed u through google connect.hope u can too.thanks

  5. Fantastic news, you are doing such a great service here. x

  6. i told ppl facebook was good for something... lol great story, thank you for sharing

  7. I'm almost crying. And I'm not usually a crier. It's just such a touching story. Simple and sweet.

  8. Great connection. I was in a couple antique stores yesterday, and of course I am now drawn to looking through the old postcards to read through some of the messages. I can't believe how many old postcards end up in antique stores, though that is certainly a better place than in the garbage. **P.S. This is actually the second Facebook Connect; we found Darlene for Full Circle 11 through Facebook as well. ~Abra

  9. Abra you are correct..I had forgotten about Darlene..thanks for keeping me honest! :)


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