Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photo Number 442

This is a Real Photo Postcard that was tucked into the back of the Nettie Parks Album.

Extra Rppostcard  Blair Hazel Oh look..some smiles!! Whose photo do you think they were looking at? It looks like an old photo folder to me.

Extra Rppostcard Blair Hazel back

This was mailed from Windom, Minn.  May 5 at 230PM 19 something. To : Mrs. F. Strehlou ?  Mc Henry, N. Dak.

Extra Rppostcard Blair Hazel back Dear Ema, How you like it.  Had some big pictures taken quite awhile ago. They will be ready next week. Hope they are good.  Love to all- Blair Hapel

I am not sure how it fits in the Nettie Parks ongoing of these young ladies could be one of Nettie’s daughters, or friends of her daughters. 

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  1. The postcard is marked 51-$3 - perhaps it isn't from the album at all - and just got placed in it by accident?

    I think the addressee is "Strehlow" (Germany).

    I found an Emma Strahlow in the 1920 US Census, living in Rolette County (Rolla), North Dakota which isn't very close to McHenry.

    Hmm... seriously mysterious.

  2. Do you know, of all the darling photos in this album, I think I like this one the best? It is very sweet.

  3. Whatever it was, the woman at the back on the left didn't like it.

  4. I wonder if the Strehlow's mentioned here are the same ones in photo 134?

    What became of Photo 134? Did it ever get home?

  5. I have a theory about how this photo might be linked to Nettie. As you know, her husband Wesley was a carpenter. I looked to see if there were any Strehlow's in Council Bluffs and I found a Robert C. Strehlow across the river in Omaha, NE. He was president of the Omaha Planing Mill Co. which made window sashs and doors as well as baseboard and trim molding.

    Robert C. was also a large building contractor -he built, over the years of 1905-1909, one of the "the state's earliest known example of an integrated grouping of related apartment buildings."

    Perhaps he was Wesley's boss and Wesley worked on this project?

  6. Iggy, Photo Number 134 is Full Circle Number 8, yes Eugenia's maiden name was Strehlow :)

  7. The year looks like 1911.


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