Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photo Number 451

This is a CdV or Cartes d’ Visite (about the same size as a wallet photo) that was found tucked into the back of the Nettie Parks Album.

Extra Unknown Baby Haynes Fargo Dakota Territory

This is an unknown baby, the photo is not marked with any names.  The Photographer was Haynes of Fargo D.T.

D.T. stands for Dakota Territory, which means that this photo was taken before North Dakota became a State.  North Dakota joined the Union on November 03, 1889.  Fredrick E Haynes was in Fargo from 1881 to 1883 and F. Jay Haynes was there from 1879 to 1889.  I am no good at deciphering the Curly Q’s in the center between the name and the place. That may be a clue. 

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  1. I wonder if this is a "Strehlow" baby.

    The 1880 US census lists both "Hanes" as brothers, both as "Photographers" and both born in Michigan to Levi Haynes.

    Frank Jay Haynes (b. 1854 d. 10-Mar-1921 in St. Paul, Minnesota at the age of 67) married Lillie V. Haynes.

    Fred Hanes (b. abt 1860-1861 appears to have married Jennie A. Mosely in Des Moines, Iowa on 18 Dec 1890 and then moved to New York City)

    I think the curley cue says JF - but it's really hard to see.

  2. It's Winston Churchill and it's dropped it's cigar.

  3. What big, pretty eyes!

  4. Cute baby!! As far as the curly cue, depending which way I look at it, I could get it to fit the initials of either of the Haynes brothers, so I will be of no help there!;-) ~Abra

  5. F. Jay Haynes left North Dakota for Yellowstone and Haynes photos are quite famous and coveted now. His first name was Frank. He must not have like that. Here is a link to his story

  6. Beautiful cute baby and fantastic photos. Looks like from the comments above there is more info available regarding the babies identity etc.

  7. I believe the monogram is FJH = F. Jay Hayes.

  8. I get FJH from the monogram too. Cute baby and s/he can't be more than a few months old.

  9. hey... a bunch of sleuths.
    I looked at the curly q's and saw curly q's.
    Then I thought H & H
    then when the above commenters saw FJH == I agreed with that.


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