Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Photo Number 237

Another child on a chair.  I would love to know the date on that calendar in the background.  The exposure time is very noticeable in this photo, enough so it is hard to figure out what is in this child hands..a hat?  This child also has a larger belt.   I will guess that this youngin' is a boy, following the premise that boys hair was parted on the side. This is a real photo postcard, a Cyko card from around 1910.
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  1. Looks like one of those Gibson girl hairdos in the photo in the calendar, but maybe it is a hat - hard to tell. I have several photos of my uncles and my mother when they were toddlers - always standing on a chair OR in a cart drawn by a goat:) I haven't figured out the goat nuance, but I have 6 different goat photos, each with a different date. To top it off, the goat and cart were always draped with an American flag. It must have been some novelty thing at the time.


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