Monday, June 14, 2010

Photo Number 222

Well it is June, and June is a time for lets look at some old wedding photos!!

"Let all your troubles be little ones" that is what it says on the back of the car.  This was probably in the late 1920's or early 1930's.
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  1. This is a fun photo. I enlarged and could see a wagon in the background.

  2. This is a pretty typical 20s wedding ensemble. I also saw the wagon in the background. Makes you wonder where they were.

  3. The man on the left appears to be wearing a minister or priest's collar and they seem to be on a grass field.

    The picture definitely looks "roaring '20s" to me too.

    You find the neatest pictures!

  4. I agree with everyone else--seems late 20s to me. My guess would be they are on a farm, as I think often receptions were held at homes.

  5. One wonders what happened to the two. What there expectations were at that time. One wonders if they knew each other very well or it was just a beginning of a time to get to know each other. I really like the photo.

  6. where was this from?


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