Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photo Number 221

"Myself at Spring Lake"  that is what is penned on the back of this photo.  She doesn't look like she will be doing any swimming. This may be a 1940's photo.
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  1. If I HAD to go swimming, this is what I would wear!!!!! Not any more, but I used to be so skinny that they teased me about needing a long-sleeved, turtle neck swim suit!!!!!!

  2. It really points out the need to label pictures with some care doesn't it? :)

    Myself? Spring Lake (where!?) I went and looked and...

    In the United States:
    Spring Lake, Hernando County, Florida
    Spring Lake, Highlands County, Florida
    Spring Lake, Indiana
    Spring Lake, Michigan
    Spring Lake, Minnesota
    Spring Lake (Omaha, Nebraska)
    Spring Lake, New Jersey
    Spring Lake, North Carolina
    Spring Lake, Utah
    Spring Lake, Wisconsin
    Spring Lake Township, Tazewell County, Illinois
    Spring Lake Township, Ottawa County, Michigan
    Spring Lake Township, Scott County, Minnesota

    Spring Lake (Scott County, Minnesota), a lake in Scott County, Minnesota
    Spring Lake (St. Louis County, Minnesota), a lake in St. Louis County, Minnesota
    Spring Lake (New York), a lake in the Town of Berlin, Rensselaer County, New York
    Spring Lake (Day County, South Dakota), a lake in Day County, South Dakota
    Spring Lake (Kingsbury County, South Dakota), a lake in Kingsbury County, South Dakota
    Spring Lake (Providence County, Rhode Island), a lake in the town of Burrillville, Rhode Island

    Spring Lake (San Marcos, Texas), a body of water in San Marcos, Texas
    Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa, California

  3. Intense Guy beat me to it. I was thinking it would be fun to identify where this photo might have been taken. I wonder if she came in the truck from yesterday's photo.

  4. I'd say this snap was taken much earlier, sometime in or very near the era of World War I.


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