Saturday, June 12, 2010

Photo Number 220

I believe this to be a scene at a popular beach someplace, the ground looks sandy and a pair of shoes has been left behind.  This is probably from the 1940's sometime, my Dad says that the car in the background is a 1942 Chevy, he also said that there is a Ford Pickup Truck parked behind the car..but he cannot tell what year that one is.
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  1. Well this is an unusual picture! Can't say that I've ever seen many motorcycle pics from that era. Love that old car.

  2. Someone knowledgeable about old motorcycles might be able to pin the date down - The four digit plate number suggests "mid-1930" - and they do not appear to be Harleys.

    One thing about "WWII" vintage cars - with the war on, people couldn't buy new models until around 1948/1949 or so... the the cars of the late 30s and early 40s hung around for a long time.

  3. has nice year by year pictures of autombiles that might help you identify them (and the year of the picture)

    I agree with your dad, if you look the 1942 Chevy near the bottom of this page:

    I think you will find a "match". :)

  4. Intense Guy, My Dad is pretty good with the car ID's..he likes all the old cars! He is 83 but remembers much from those days, he always wants to see the front, the back and the hood area to make an ID:)

  5. It's a really nice shot. Really nice! I can easily see this blown up and framed.

  6. That is a unbelievably cool photo. The kind that should be blown up and hung in a really interesting modern type of beach cottage. Love it.


  7. The person who took the photo had a good eye for the interesting. So often snapshots are not well composed or have distractions in them. This photo makes you wonder whether it was a gang of thugs or a gang of young men who left these vehicles on this dirt road. I could easily see this as a print on a postcard or greeting card, in a themed restaurant etc.

  8. Very cool! Lucky for us your Dad know so much about cars :-)

  9. This picture is from the early 1950s. The motorcycle on the left is a Harley-Davidson. It is either a K-Model, which was built from 1952 - 1956, or a Sportster, which was built from 1957 on. The major visual difference between these two models is the engine cylinders and cylinder head. K-Models were flatheads, and Sportsters had overhead valve engines. The photo doesn't show enough of the engine to be able to tell the difference.

    The motorcycle on the right is also a Harley-Davidson, and is their largest model. Again, there isn't enough visible to make any more of a positive identification.

    The motorcycle directly behind the Harley on the right (upper center in the picture) is an Indian. It is identifiable by its general shape, and by its right-side gear shifter arcing up along the side of the gas tank. I can just make out the girder-style front fork, which means that is is a 1949 or older model. There isn't enough detail in the photo to give a more specific identification.


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